There are a number of common instances where individuals find it most useful to hire a personal injury attorney. These instances include car accidents, workplace injuries, medical malpractice, toxic exposure, slip-and-fall accidents, or product liability cases. In each of these cases, when you suffer from an injury, your injury has the potential to affect your ability to work, maintain family relationships, and conduct your day-to-day obligations. It is typical for personal injury victims to not only suffer financially, but also physically and emotionally. To mitigate the harm that your injury has caused you, personal injury attorney help is necessary.


Understanding Tort Claims

The first way that an attorney can help you is through their knowledge of tort law. Tort law, more commonly known as personal injury law, is a complex body of law that involves many legal rules and procedures. Those who practice tort law are highly knowledgeable in the field and are able to analyze your claim and determine the value of injury and what compensation you may be entitled to. This type of knowledge is also very beneficial when it comes to negotiating a claim with an insurance company or filing a complaint in court if the negotiation process does not yield the results that the attorney believes are fair.


Settle or File Suit

Another way an attorney can help you is through the settlement process or through filing a suit. Personal injury claims typically are either settled between the attorney and the insurance company or if the settlement process does not work, then the attorney can file suit in court. When the attorney files suit, an initial complaint will be filed describing the claims and what damages that the attorney believes you are entitled to. Once the initial complaint is filed, the defendant will have a certain period of time to answer the complaint. From there, the suit continues in court and goes through a number of stages, each of which your personal injury attorney will be able to handle.


Guide You Through the Process

Attorney help is highly valuable when handing a personal injury claim. There is no reason that you should go through the process alone and be subjected to the chance of being under-compensated or treated poorly by an insurance company. Your attorney will have your best interests at hand and will be able to represent your rights fairly, just like you deserve.