Contrary to popular belief, the workplace isn’t always the safest environment. Every year, thousands of Americans are injured in what are known as “workplace injuries.” A workplace injury can be extremely debilitating. In most cases, workplace injuries come in the form of slip and fall accidents, chemical burns, workplace violence, or amputation injuries. Each of these scenarios has the potential to seriously affect your way of life, especially in terms of your future ability to work and conduct day-to-day activities. If you have been affected by a workplace injury, then it is imperative that you get the legal help that you deserve. Below are a number of ways that a workplace injury lawyer can help you.


Explaining a Worker’s Compensation Claim

After you find a lawyer for your workplace injury claim, there are a number of issues that your lawyer will discuss with you. One of those issues is your workers compensation claim. During the consultation, the attorney will describe the types of compensation claims that can be levied against the workplace and the workplace’s insurance. Typically, these claims include medical bill coverage, wage reimbursement, and compensation for any pain and suffering – but this specific point usually depends upon the state one is located in.


Protect Your Rights

Overall, hiring a workplace injury lawyer is one of the best steps that you can take to protect your interests and your rights. It is highly likely that your employer is going to have a legal team of their own and in order to have the same bargaining power and leverage, you should similar legal resources.

Notifying You of the Statute of Limitations

When you get legal help, another point that the workplace injury lawyer will discuss with you is the statute of limitations that may affect your case. In most states, the employee is required to notify their employer of their workplace injury as soon as possible. Moreover, a claim cannot be filed if a year or two years have passed since the workplace injury occurred. Therefore, if you do have a workplace injury, it is extremely useful to discuss the matter with an attorney and verify whether you claim is still within the statute of limitations for the workplace injury. The attorney may also discuss with you that when you suffer from a workplace injury, the medical professionals treating you should be notified that your injury was work related.